Electronic Work Cards (E-cards)

For those maintainers who choose to produce a paper work card procedure, Sikorsky Aerospace Services has developed an electronic work card procedure called E-cards. Using current E-cards, an inspection or maintenance activity contained within the web HELOTRAC RL® Maintenance Management System and IETM applications is streamlined by viewing or printing all applicable information in a single or selected request. The E-card enables a mechanic to work on an aircraft with all the applicable OEM-approved information combined in one package without carrying multiple manuals. E-cards can reduce man hours because they are a collective set of procedures from various chapters and manuals, thus reducing lookup and copy time.

The E-card information includes:

  • report header that provides the current publication number and revision
  • pre-populated signoff form
  • scheduled maintenance requirements from the Airworthiness manual
  • maintenance manual task procedure text
  • related (referenced) information
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