Ethics Policy

Dear supplier

Congratulations on becoming a new Sikorsky Aircraft supplier. At Sikorsky, we emphasize fair competition and are committed to dealing fairly with our suppliers. Our approach is to deal with suppliers in a manner that avoids even the appearance of conflict between personal interests and those of the Corporation. Therefore, like many companies, we have instituted an Ethics Policy which is applicable to all Sikorsky associates. This policy provides the means for us to maintain the conditions of impartiality and mutual respect necessary to a beneficial business relationship.

Our Ethics Policy which you need to become familiar with is located at: Please take time to review these documents and communicate our policy to all those in your company who may have contact with Sikorsky Aircraft employees. Direct any questions to either your Buyer or the Sikorsky Aircraft Government Compliance Office at +1 203-386-7347.


Very truly yours,
William Cotton
Manager Compliance



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