Spare Parts

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Sikorsky Aerospace Services ensures conformance and certifies our products from raw material to the end item. We provide technical support, supplier oversight and ensure the highest possible quality before the part leaves our facilities. Your spare parts are made to the same high standard to provide you with the durability and safety that you expect from Sikorsky Aircraft.

Sikorsky Aerospace Services spare parts are produced using the same precision quality and engineering specification and standards as our aircraft. Every spare part is produced using the same technology, manufacturing processes, technical expertise, quality systems, metallurgical, and lean principles that we use to produce our battle proven helicopters.

Sikorsky Aerospace Services' spare parts are often made in the same single piece flow line, or in the same manufacturing lot as our production helicopter parts, providing you with the confidence to install and fly. Our parts are manufactured using our certified supply base and our own factories to ensure the highest safety, precision fits, durability and reliability that you demand and expect from Sikorsky Aircraft.

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