Fleet Management Operations Center

The Fleet Management Operations Center (FMOC) provides the real time data and tools that are transforming the logistics support from being reactive to predictive, resulting in reduced cost, and increasing aircraft availability to our customers.

The center is equipped with modern data management systems and staffed with specialists dedicated to maximizing aircraft readiness and reducing maintenance costs for operators worldwide. Located in Trumbull, Connecticut, the FMOC presently supports a global fleet of S-92® helicopters around the world. The FMOC has identified over 30 percent direct maintenance cost savings to date based on design and supportability improvements.

The analytical work that the FMOC is currently performing on the S-92 helicopter is only the beginning of Sikorsky's fleet management evolution, with the long term vision being to establish fleet management support on all platforms.

Sikorsky service and support provides customers world-class fleet management solutions that improve readiness, availability and reduce maintenance costs. Innovative and committed to its customers, Sikorsky service and support is bringing together OEM expertise, unique analytical processes and modern data management technology to transform customer support from reactive to proactive. In fact, this is what Sikorsky360™, the recently launched fleet management program, does best. Sikorsky360 enables customers to get the right information, the right material, at the right time.

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