Operational and Maintenance Training

Derco, a Sikorsky company, offers a full spectrum of C-130 aircrew training, focusing on the principles of aviation technology and the practical skills required for the competent performance of operation. Derco-trained students are familiar with the aircraft characteristics, subsystems, component locations and the knowledge to sustain mission readiness. Derco instructors administer performance tests designed to measure the ability of the trainee to perform certain tasks or recall certain information.

For aircrew and maintenance staff, Derco offers a complete line of training services from self-help training modules, traditional classroom training and on-site full time technical representation.

Derco offers computer-based training solutions that are customized to a particular operator's aircraft, and operation/maintenance practices are available so that valuable time is not lost learning systems that are not applicable. The Flight Simulator training option can be added to an aircrew training program along with actual on-board aircraft training for both ground and flight instruction. Derco provides instructors to "train the trainers" and assist in course development and training material preparation.

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