Wing Life Monitoring

Lockheed's recently released Service Bulletin mandating the establishment and tracking of equivalent baseline hours (EBH) for C-130 fleet operators is adding to an already burdened workload for aircrew members, fleet managers, and maintenance organizations alike. The additional crew workload requirements may decrease situational awareness and could result in inaccurate EBH calculations. Inaccurate EBH could mean pre-mature maintenance, operational restrictions, and even removal from service.

Customers cannot afford to manage their fleets based on potentially inaccurate EBH data.


META-FLEET Binary Aircraft Usage Examiner (Blue BAUX) system improves flight safety, optimizes operational availability, defers expensive maintenance costs, and reduces EBH workload requirements. Blue BAUX:

  • Captures critical real-time flight data and automatically, calculates and tracks accurate EBH
  • Ensures easy analysis and reporting of EBH for individual aircraft and the fleet
  • Ensures full compliance with all SB 82-788 requirements
  • Increases flight safety by allowing the flight crew to focus on flight operation and mission tasks without being distracted with manual log entries
  • Attains full automation, has a quick learning curve, and is affordable
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