Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Derco, a Sikorsky company, simplifies supply chain management through its offering of third party logistics solutions (3PL). Customized to meet the demands and requirements of your organization, the Derco solution utilizes a combination of experience, technology, and vast resources to simplify your supply chain. The optimized supply chain reduces your investment in inventory, improves availability of parts and components, increases the visibility of all supply chain transactions, and reduces your logistics footprint. As a proven material integrator, Derco has the experience and proven ability to forecast maintenance line (O&R) demands, procure, integrate, and assemble replacement and collector kits, interface with legacy government systems, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) supply chain management systems. Derco utilizes best commercial practices and a robust enterprise resource management system to support the maintenance of assets and components providing value and proven solutions to simplifying and optimizing customer supply chains.

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