Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)

Sikorsky's IETM is a portable, electronic "library" which contains thousands of pages of maintenance documentation and illustrations. It is used to locate required technical information faster than is possible with a paper manual and allows you to navigate through extensive amounts of information quickly and easily.

The IETM supported features include:

  • simple, intuitive user interface
  • complete hyper-linked table of contents
  • detailed search capabilities
  • hyperlinks to referenced text and illustrations
  • intelligent schematics
  • dynamically-generated electronic work cards for scheduled maintenance and inspection tasks
  • animations and 3-D interactive graphics
  • bookmarks and notes
  • historical record of source data incorporated
  • print capability

The IETM can be:

  • used directly from a CD-ROM/DVD
  • installed directly to a local computer hard drive (including a hand-held palm pilot-type device)
  • distributed as a web application over a secure network website
  • updated with data, graphics and/or software via CD/DVD or over a network website

The IETM can be integrated with:

  • Advanced Ground-based Diagnostics
  • Pilot Debrief Module (PDM)
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Plug/Work Zone Locator Application (PLA)
  • Web-based Training Applications (WBT)
  • Maintenance Management Systems (for ex. HELOTRAC RL®)
  • Parts/Supply Ordering Systems
  • External Files

Pilot Debrief Module (PDM)

PDM is a browser-based application that allows pilots to report symptoms or anomalies observed during flight. PDM integrates with the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual and is intended to expedite knowledge transfer from the pilot...

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Advanced Ground-Based Diagnostics

The advanced ground-based diagnostics system utilizes a computerized model of the helicopter systems' operational and maintainability characteristics to provide the maintainer with an optimal IETM troubleshooting strategy...

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Plug Locator Application (PLA)

The PLA is a software application used to plot the locations of user-entered helicopter component termination points onto 2- or 3-dimensional views of the helicopter according to their station, waterline, and butt line coordinates...

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Electronic Work Cards (E-cards)

For those maintainers who choose to produce a paper work card procedure, Sikorsky has developed an electronic work card procedure called E-cards. Using current E-cards, an inspection or maintenance activity contained within the web...

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