Reconnaissance Fixed Wing Series

Modern technology, long-standing tradition

Reconnaissance Fixed Wing Aircraft

Since 1973, Schweizer has been active in the development and manufacture of efficient and quiet airplanes, beginning with the SGS 1-35 high performance sailplane, which won several national soaring competitions. Schweizer's work on sailplanes led to a contract with the USAF to develop the SGM 2-37 motor glider to be used as a flight training aircraft. It soon became apparent that the combination of low noise and efficient cruise of the aircraft was perfectly suited for surveillance work and a reconnaissance version of the 2-37 was contracted for the USAF in 1986. Currently the SA2-37BTM aircraft and the new SA-38BTM aircraft are in demand by customers for missions such as border surveillance, maritime and coastal patrol, signals intercept, radar detection, drug surveillance, search and rescue, data relay, environmental surveillance, and pollution detection control.

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