CH-53K Helicopter

The world's premier heavy lift helicopter is in development at Sikorsky

    CH-53K Overview

    The CH-53K model will be the world's premier heavy lift helicopter, leveraging the lessons learned over 50 years of manufacturing and operational success with its CH-53A/D/E predecessors. Built to thrive in the modern battlefield, the extremely capable CH-53K aircraft will be intelligent, reliable, low maintenance and survivable across the full spectrum of operating conditions for which it was designed. Expeditionary in nature, the CH-53K aircraft will be fully shipboard compatible and capable of operating from austere and remote forward operating bases. The CH-53K helicopter is the Marine Corps' critical land and sea based logistics connector.

    Cruise Speed and Range values represent anticipated performance at Sea Level Standard conditions

    Powerplant and fuel system
    Number of Engines
    Engine Type T408-GE-400  
    T408 Engine 7,500 shp 5,595 kw
    Maximum Gross Weight (Internal Load) 74,000 lbs 33,566 kg
    Maximum Gross Weight (External Load) 88,000 lbs 39,916 kg
    Cruise Speed 141 kts 261 km/h
    Range 460 nm 852 km
    AEO Service Ceiling 14,380 ft 4,383 m
    HIGE Ceiling (MAGW) 13,630 ft 4,155 m
    HOGE Ceiling (MAGW) 10,080 ft 3,073 m
    Cabin Length 30 ft 9.1 m
    Cabin Width 9 ft 2.7 m
    Cabin Height 6.5 ft 2.0 m
    Cabin Area 270 ft2 24.6 m2
    Cabin Volume 1.755 ft3 9.1 m3


    • New build hybrid composite airframe structure - provides lighter weight and lower vibration throughout aircraft life
    • Improved hydraulics
    • Large composite sponsons
    • Integrated Vehicle Health Management System (IVHMS)
    • Advanced drive system
    • Improved fuel system with refueling probe
    • Enhanced ballistic protection
    • Crashworthy retracting landing gear
    • Single, dual and triple cargo hook with 3 times the lift capability of the CH-53E to 110 nm (in hot/high conditions)
    • Advanced light weight armor to protect passengers and crew
    • Crashworthy troop seats
    • Integrated Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (IMARS)
    • Integral cargo handling system with rated capacity for two 463L pallets
    • Self-defense weapons
    Avionics and Flight Controls
    • Rockwell Collins Avionics Management System
    • Fly-by-wire flight controls
    • Pilot/co-pilot/crew chief/4th crew
    • FLIR with helmet-mounted navigational displays
    • Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE)
    Powerplant and fuel system
    • Three T408-GE-400 engines with less fuel consumption, more power and fewer parts than its predecessor, the T64
    • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) with pneumatic start
    • Integral EAPPS - Engine Air Particle Protection System
    Rotor and drive system
    • 4th Generation Composite main rotor blades with advanced airfoils
    • New tail rotor head and blades
    • Elastomeric main rotor head
    • Automatic blade fold
    • Advanced drive system with a split torque design main gearbox
    • Improved electrical systems
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