UH-60M BLACK HAWK Helicopter

The U.S. Army's multi-mission helicopter for the 21st century

    UH-60M Overview

    The UH-60M helicopter culminates more than 30 years of technological advancement, improved performance and real world experience. This advanced BLACK HAWK aircraft serves dependably in the most extreme conditions found on earth. With the integration of the U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems and automated aircraft health monitoring, the UH-60M provides superior vertical lift and is the "intelligent" choice for the battlefield of tomorrow.

    Powerplant and fuel system
    Number of Engines
    Engine Type T700-GE-701D 
    Maximum Take Off 3,988 shp 2,974 kw
    OEI Shaft horsepower (30 sec) 1,940 shp 1,447 kw
    Maximum Gross Weight 22,000 lbs 9,979 kg
    Maximum Cruise Speed 151 kts 280 km/h
    Maximum Range - No Reserve 276 nm 511 km
    HIGE Ceiling 10,520 ft 3,206 m
    HOGE Ceiling 6,010 ft 1,831 m
    OEI Service Ceiling 6,500 ft 1,981 m
    AEO Service Ceiling 15,180 ft 4,626 m
    Cabin Length 12.6 ft 3.8 m
    Cabin Width 7.7 ft 2.3 m
    Cabin Height 4.5 ft 1.3 m
    Cabin Area 88 ft2 8.1 m2
    Cabin Volume 396 ft3 11.2 m3
    Baggage Volume 20 ft3 0.5 m3

    Survivability and crashworthiness are not just attributes of the BLACK HAWK helicopter, they're inherent to the design requirements of the U.S. Army. A strict military standard makes the BLACK HAWK aircraft a rugged and extremely durable helicopter that delivers enhanced safety. Safety that has been proven in real missions, around the world.



    • Machined cabin structure
    • Multi-functional and durable 300psi cabin flooring
    • Crashworthy Pilot and co-Pilot seats
    • Two sliding cargo doors with pop-out egress windows
    • Two jettisonable cockpit doors
    • Three point dual OLEO landing gear with kneeling capability
    • Active vibration control system
    • Wire strike protection system
    • Integrated Vehicle Health Management System (IVHMS)
    • Foldable tail pylon for shipping and storage
    • Built-in work platforms, engine cowlings and hydraulic deck
    • Foldable stabilator
    • Four-axis fully coupled flight director
    • Digital map
    • Dual embedded global positioning
    • Integrated stormscope
    • Two UHF/VHF AM/FM radios
    • Five digital ICS stations
    • Automatic direction finder
    • VOR/ILS
    • Dual digital flight control computer
    Powerplant and fuel system
    • Two T700-GE701D engines
    • Auxiliary power unit
    • Dual crashworthy and self-sealing fuel tanks, 360 gallons
    • Left and right gravity refuel ports
    • Single point for close circuit and pressure refueling
    Rotor and drive system
    • Improved durability gearbox
    • Four wide-chord composite blades
    • Foldable main and tail rotor blades
    • Dual redundant and isolated flight controls
    • Rotor de-icing provisions
    • Retractable landing light
    • Controllable searchlight
    • NVG compatible formation lights
    • Portable maintenance light with three receptacles
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