System Integeration Labs

System Integration Labs

The Integration laboratories located in Sikorsky's Stratford, CT facility enables engineers to translate customer's demanding mission needs into integrated system solutions.

Constructive Simulation Center

provides analysis of future operational concepts whether on the battlefield or the oil field. High fidelity simulation tools let Sikorsky run the missions today that our customers will in 20 years.

Fixed and Motion Base Development simulators

enable highly trained Research pilots to try out the latest technologies in highly realistic development environments. The latest flight control software, sensors, display systems, weapons, and other systems are tested here.

System Integration Laboratories

enable the integration of millions of lines of code, the latest fly-by-wire control laws, state of the art sensors, advanced displays communication and navigation systems into a mission solution for our customers. Example SILs include: CH-53K, UH-60MU, Canada MHP, and Singapore.

Virtual Reality Laboratory

enables customers and engineers to "experience" the future years Before it actually exists. Walk into a hangar in 2020 and see Sikorsky's latest high speed attack helicopter, sit in the cockpit of our future commercial transport, turn a wrench on the Marin Corp's CH-53K heavy lift helicopter, all while these products are in development.

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