The Entrepreneurial Challenge 2015

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Sikorsky Innovations, the advanced research organization of a world leader in vertical flight solutions, is looking for your ideas!  Through the Entrepreneurial Challenge, now in its third year, the organization identifies potential collaborators that can help solve some of the toughest industry challenges.

Awardees will gain entry to an extensive network of technical experts, business mentors, strategic team members, potential customers and experienced investors.

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Sikorsky Innovations holds the Entrepreneurial Challenge to highlight and support revolutionary ideas, ventures and innovators whose technology is highly relevant to one of its identified focus area.  Each focus area (outlined below) represents current company technology needs for production aircraft and processes.

Sikorsky is looking for agile technology leaders across all industry domains that embody the entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and management style to complement the qualities of an established industry leader. The company encourages individuals or teams incubating new ideas around the globe, whether working in a garage or in a Fortune 500 company, to apply.  


  New for 2015:  Sikorsky Innovations is pleased to announce the first cash prize for the 6th 
  Entrepreneurial Challenge. The Winner of the competition will be entitled to $25K non-dilutive cash
  prize subject to the Terms & Conditions found in the Application Package.

  Winners of the Entrepreneurial Challenge will also have the opportunity to:Winners of the 
  Entrepreneurial Challenge will also have the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with Sikorsky to validate their products and explore opportunities.
  • Be incubated in the Stamford Innovation Center with free workspace and use of their shared business services for up to one year. (Optional)
  • Access mentoring programs, education workshops, and events across Connecticut's entrepreneurial network, CTNEXT, for one year.
  • Receive an investment evaluation from the Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Panel during incubation.

  Most of all, Winners and Awardees of the Entrepreneurial Challenge will be able to leverage Sikorsky's 
  industry knowledge and relationships.  

Focus Areas

  1. Ruggedized, wireless sensing with low-weight energy harvesting 
  2. Real-time augmented reality for collaborative applications and complex manufacturing processes
  3. Aerospace quality additive manufacturing of complex geometry with real time inspection
  4. High energy density and high power performance energy storage

Connect and Learn More

Keep up to date with all of the latest Entrepreneurial Challenge news and insights. Visit TechAloft, a blog curated by the Stamford Innovation Center, to keep up to date on all of the insights posted for each focus area by the Entrepreneurial Challenge team. Exclusive interviews and content from industry experts are posted regularly.


The current schedule for the 5th Entrepreneurial Challenge is as follows:

May 19, 2015 6th Entrepreneurial Challenge Released
June - July 2015 (Details TBA) Webinar with Sikorsky Experts
October 16, 2015 (5 p.m. EDT) Application Period Ends
Mid-November 2015 Final Round Contestants Notified
January 2016 Final Round Competition at Sikorsky
February 2016 Winner Notified

Past Awardees

  http://www.visionengineered.comhttp://www.plasmonics-inc.comhttp://www.nanosonic.comwww.smartrotorsystems.cahttp://www.micoy.comwww.pankl.comwww.smartrotorsystems.cawww.evo-lux.comwww.rescale.comwww.evo-lux.comEvoLux Video


The Entrepreneurial Challenge is open to any company, U.S. based or international, including newly-formed and pre-revenue entities, that meet the requirements defined in the 2015 Entrepreneurial Challenge Application Kit.

Application Submission

To create an account and submit your application to the Entrepreneurial Challenge in the form of a 5 page business summary Click Here.  

For a sample application template, please Click Here.

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