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05.25.14-On Igor’s 125th Birthday, A Look Back at His Early Years
A well-known aviation pioneer once said to a young Igor Sikorsky, “Do not waste your time on a helicopter. The airplane will be far more valuable.”... more
05.02.14-History Behind the H-53
The roll out of a new, game-changing heavy lift helicopter, the CH-53K is upon us.... more
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  05.17.07-Cabair Flying Schools Takes Delivery of Two Schweizer 300CBiTM Helicopters
Cabair Flying Schools, the UK-based group that has been training pilots for nearly four decades, has taken delivery of its... more
  05.09.07-Sikorsky Selects CH-53K Fuselage Supplier Team
Sikorsky Aircraft announced today that it has selected four subcontractors to design and fabricate the major fuselage sections... more
  05.08.07-Helicopter Support Inc. Named Sole Distributor of Elbit Systems' Head Up Display Units for Sikorsky's International Helicopter...
Helicopter Support, Inc. (HSI), a subsidiary of Sikorsky Aircraft, was named sole distributor to provide Elbit Systems' Head... more
  05.02.07-Sikorsky Wins Contract to Find Eye of the Sandstorm
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. was awarded a $10.3 million increment as part of a $16.6 million contract to help solve one of the... more
  05.01.07-Sikorsky Support Services, Inc. to Relocate Field Operation Center
Sikorsky Support Services, Inc. (SSSI) has relocated its Jacksonville, Florida-based Field Operation Center to the former... more
  04.25.07-Four Sikorsky S-92s Added to Bristow Fleet
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. has sold four additional S-92® helicopters to the Bristow Group Inc. (NYSE:BRS), which exercised options... more
  04.25.07-S-92 Helicopter Cleared to Use Existing U.K. Helidecks
S-92® helicopters, which are manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft, have received clearance to use helidecks in the U.K. originally... more
  04.11.07-Sikorsky Aircraft Opens Design Engineering Center in Fort Worth
Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams today hailed the Sikorsky System Integration Center as a welcome addition to Texas... more
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