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05.25.14-On Igor’s 125th Birthday, A Look Back at His Early Years
A well-known aviation pioneer once said to a young Igor Sikorsky, “Do not waste your time on a helicopter. The airplane will be far more valuable.”... more
05.02.14-History Behind the H-53
The roll out of a new, game-changing heavy lift helicopter, the CH-53K is upon us.... more
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  07.23.07-First S-92® Helicopter Delivered to China
Eastern General Aviation Corp. Expands Fleet for Offshore Oil Operations  Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. has delivered the first... more
  07.12.07-Sikorsky Aircraft Selects Changhe to Supply S-76® Helicopter Airframes
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. today announced the selection of Changhe Aircraft Industries Corp. to supply S-76® helicopter... more
  06.29.07-Sikorsky S-76® Helicopter Demonstrates Features in First Flight in Czech Republic
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. displayed an S-76® helicopter and its features today in the first flight demonstration... more
  06.21.07-Sikorsky Announces S-76C++ Sale to Advanced Engineering Inc. in the U.K.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. was awarded a contract to deliver a new S-76C++TM helicopter to Advanced... more
  06.21.07-Evergreen Aviation Inc. Sees S-76D Helicopter as Premier Aircraft for Future
Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. has signed position agreements for ten S-76DTM helicopters,... more
  06.21.07-Sikorsky360TM Gives Operators Competitive Edge
Operators of the Sikorsky S-92® helicopter are not only flying one of the most advanced helicopters in the world,... more
  06.21.07-Sikorsky Aircraft Maps Its Plans for Europe
PARIS AIR SHOW - Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. officials provided a glimpse of a new strategic vision for the company today, unveiling... more
  06.21.07-Sikorsky Announces S-76C++TM Sale to Air Harrods in U.K.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. was awarded a contract to deliver a new S-76C++TM  helicopter to Air Harrods... more
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