H-92 Supply Chain Ready for Presidential Flight

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H-92 Supply Chain Ready for Presidential Flight

December 17, 2004

  STRATFORD, Connecticut - Sikorsky Aircraft announced that more than 225 aerospace suppliers across 41 states are ready and qualified to manufacture parts today in support of the company's bid to build the next presidential helicopter fleet.

All 225-plus companies are currently providing parts to Sikorsky's S-92 helicopter production line, providing work for thousands of Americans.

Should Sikorsky win the Marine One competition, those companies will provide the same parts for the H-92, the S-92 derivative being offered for presidential service.

"Our US-based suppliers are ready to build helicopter components for the next presidential fleet from day one, avoiding any unnecessary delays or schedule risk to the program that would be caused by setting up a new supply chain," said Nick Lappos, Sikorsky's VXX Program Director.

In order to become a Sikorsky supplier a company must pass a thorough qualification process. First, a company must meet the aerospace's industry's AS9100 quality standards. Then the company must meet Sikorsky's supplier quality standards, which frequently exceed those set by AS9100 and are specific to the helicopter industry.

In addition, individual components are required to meet specific engineering, quality and performance criteria.

"It has taken years to assemble and qualify this outstanding team of suppliers. They have hundreds of years combined experience in the helicopter industry," Lappos said. "In today's environment, the safety and security of the President is more important than ever. We are proud to have this team of suppliers for the H-92 to make sure those needs are fully met."

The Navy is expected to announce the winner of the competition to build the next Marine One in early 2005.

In addition to its 225-plus suppliers, Sikorsky's has partnered with six US-based aerospace companies in its Marine One bid. Each member of Sikorsky's All American Team has presidential flight mission experience, a key advantage in meeting the schedule for the next presidential helicopter fleet. All American Team members include:

  • L-3 Communications Integrated Systems of Greenville, Texas, which will provide the mission communications equipment and aircraft interior furnishings. L-3/IS is the prime contractor for the mission communications system on Air Force One and other Presidential fleet aircraft.
  • Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which provides the upgraded cockpit for the current VH-60N presidential helicopter as well as the S-92 and will provide the cockpit for the presidential H-92.
  • Vought Aircraft Industries in Dallas, which will provide integrated aero structures. Vought previously built airframe structures for Air Force One.
  • FlightSafety International in New York, which will provide training and simulation equipment. FSI currently provides flight training for the presidential flight squadron.
  • Northrop Grumman in Rolling Meadows, IL, which will provide aircraft survivability equipment.
  • General Electric Aircraft Engines in Lynn, Mass., which will supply the engines. GE currently provides engines for the S-92 , Air Force One and the current Marine One fleet.

Sikorsky will lead the team and serve as the: prime system integrator, aircraft and system designer, dynamic component manufacturer, final assembler and in-service support provider. Sikorsky has manufactured and maintained the presidential helicopter fleet since the Eisenhower Administration.

Sikorsky's S-92, upon which the President's helicopter would be based, is the only helicopter in the world to meet the latest, most stringent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety regulations. For meeting these new standards, the S-92 was awarded the Collier Trophy by the National Aeronautic Association as "the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America" for 2002.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, based in Stratford, Conn., is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of advanced helicopters for commercial, industrial and military uses. Sikorsky helicopters occupy a prominent position in the intermediate to heavy range of 5,300 kg to 33,000 kg gross weight. They are flown by all five branches of the United States armed forces, along with military services and commercial operators in more than 40 nations.

Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX), of Hartford, Conn., which provides a broad range of high-technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems industries.

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