All-American Tour Cruises into Waco on Third Stop in Texas

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All-American Tour Cruises into Waco on Third Stop in Texas

August 23, 2004

  WACO, Texas - VH-92 Demonstrator Receives a Presidential Welcome!

Please click here to view the VH-92 Presidential Tour Stop at L3 Communications, Waco.

WACO, Texas,- Sikorsky's VH-92 presidential demonstrator aircraft whirled into Waco today, touching down at L-3 Communications' facility for the seventh stop on the All-American Tour.

Representative Chet Edwards
(D-Waco) addresses the crowd.

About 600 L-3 employees and invited guests including Texas Congressman Chet Edwards, D-Waco, hailed the aircraft's arrival following previous stops in Texas at L-3's facilities in Greenville and at Vought Aircraft in Dallas. L-3 and Vought are among the U.S.-based companies that are partnered with Sikorsky on the VH-92 program and hosting stops on the All-American Tour.

"This is a world-class team that can provide our president with 21st century protection and security," Edwards said. "It is a gold medal team."

L-3 was selected by Sikorsky to provide command and control mission systems and interior furnishings for the helicopter, which would serve as an airborne Oval Office for the president of the United States on short trips. Sikorsky has supplied the Marine One helicopters for every U.S. president since the Eisenhower administration and is now bidding to continue that record of service. "Since 1957 - I was 5 years old - Sikorsky has been protecting every president," Edwards said, adding, "This is not only about protecting our commander in chief but about protecting democracy itself."

L-3 President Bob Drewes said, "We are very proud to be part of this All-American team." He noted the Marine One program is "important for us and for America."

Rich Linhart, Sikorsky campaign director, said that for the critical missions of protecting the president and securing the supply chain, "We decided the job of building the presidential helicopter belongs in American hands." Linhart told the crowd, "We've got the best helicopter, the best team and the best security organization."

Rep. Edwards and other dignitaries were welcomed aboard the VH-92 demonstrator for a 20-minute ride, as were select L-3 executives and employees, and members of the media who covered the event, including local television network affiliates KWTX (CBS), KXXV (ABC), and KCEW (NBC) as well as KBBC-AM radio and the WacoTribune-Herald, Fort Hood Sentinel and Cleburn Eagle.

Bob Drewes, President of L-3 (2nd
from right), Alison Hartley, L-3 (3rd
from left), and Sikorsky's campaign
director Rich Linhart (center) were
among those who flew the VH-92

Rep. Chet Edwards autographs
a Sikorsky poster for an L-3 employee
as Bob Drewes, L-3 president looks

Nearly 600 L-3 employees and
guests attend the Waco rally.

Please click here to view the VH-92 Presidential Tour Stop at L3 Communications, Waco.

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