Sikorsky Delivers Presidential Helicopter Demonstrator Aircraft to Navy Evaluators

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Sikorsky Delivers Presidential Helicopter Demonstrator Aircraft to Navy Evaluators

February 16, 2004

  STRATFORD, Connecticut - Sikorsky Aircraft has delivered a specially-modified Sikorsky H-92 helicopter to the U.S. government team evaluating alternatives for the next generation Presidential helicopter, the company announced today.

The Sikorsky demonstrator aircraft incorporates many unique features that highlight the H-92's world-class VIP performance, comfort, and systems capabilities, Sikorsky said. This gives powerful evidence of the skills and resources that Sikorsky and its all-American teammates can assemble to provide the safest, most comfortable, and highest performance VIP transport available anywhere.

"Nothing beats experience when it comes to Presidential service," said Sikorsky President Steve Finger. "Our team is the only one demonstrating genuine capability when it comes to aircraft performance, system integration, and VIP comfort and productivity. We are able to do that because of the powerful experience each member of our team brings to the table."

Joining Sikorsky on the All-American VH-92 team are six companies that already provide products, systems, or training for a Presidential mission. These team members include: FlightSafety International; L-3 Communications Integrated Systems; Northrop Grumman; Rockwell Collins; and Vought Aircraft Industries. General Electric Aircraft Engines will supply the propulsion for the VH-92.

The flight evaluation phase of the procurement focuses on basic aspects of aircraft handling and performance. Sikorsky's VH-92 demonstrator aircraft is prepared for these demanding tests, but also includes modifications that will showcase the sophisticated safety, security, comfort and productivity features of the VH-92.

Finger noted that the VH-92 demonstrator aircraft incorporates the safety features of the Collier-Award-winning Sikorsky S-92, America's newest and most advanced medium-lift helicopter. Among the basic S-92 safety features incorporated into the VH-92 are: flaw tolerant designs that prevent routine dents or corrosion from becoming a safety issue; external, suction-fed fuel tanks; and complete bird-strike protection across the entire aircraft, including the rotors, up to the maximum operating speed of the helicopter.

"The safety and security of the President are the paramount considerations in this competition, and the Sikorsky VH-92 is world-class in both areas," said Finger. "But it takes a lot more than that to delight the customer, and our all-American team is showing through this demonstrator aircraft our unwavering commitment to the success of this mission."

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, based in Stratford, Conn., is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of advanced helicopters for commercial, industrial and military uses. Sikorsky helicopters occupy a prominent position in the intermediate to heavy range of 5,300 kg. to 33,000 kg. gross weight. They are flown by all five branches of the United States armed forces, along with military services and commercial operators in more than 40 nations. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX), of Hartford, Conn., which provides a broad range of high-technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems industries.

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